Monday, 14 April 2014

The Edgehill Masters Golf Tournament


Sunday 27th April at 2pm at Drayton Golf Course
 Another chance to win an Edgehill Games medal - and more!

Whether you are an experienced golfer or have never picked up a club in your life this could be the tournament for you.

The Edgehill Masters is a beginners/occasional players competition with challenges for experienced golfers too!  

This will be a tournament for people of all standards. 

We’ll be playing 9 holes on a par 3 course followed by prize giving and a meal together.
Prizes for:
¨ The winning village teams (Edgehill Games medals)
¨ The Longest Drive
¨ Nearest the Pin
¨ Par on any hole
¨ Birdie on any hole
¨ Men’s and Ladies’ Winners and Runners up trophies
¨ The coveted Edgehill Masters jackets for the Men’s and Ladies winners 

The total cost including the meal, the round of golf and the hire of clubs (if needed) is only £16 per person.  (cheques to be made payable to Kineton PCC)

Any surplus finance from the event will go to Myton Hospice. 

Places are limited so please book early.  

To book places or for more information please contact Barry Jackson (01926 640248) or

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thank you

As a final note on this Blog we are writing to say thank you to everyone for their help in staging the Edgehill games, and to all those that took part.  Many venues generously gave us the use of their facilities for free and that combined with the grants we had (totaling £2,400) from various sources meant that we could keep entry costs low and in some cases free.  
We have had a lot of support for the games from across the area with many different villages competing.  In all we had about 1000 entrants and over 150 referees/judges/caterers across all the events and many more that came to watch and support.  Please do read through the results posted on this blog as we think the entries capture some of the fun that people had in the various competitions.
The aims of the games were to have some fun, to make some new friendships, strengthen old friendships and raise some money for sport relief.  We wanted to do something that would help bring local communities together and we are pleased to say that with the support of many people and organisations we think we achieved all of our goals.  We have just finalised the accounts and we are pleased to say that even though we kept entry fees low we managed to raise over £1,200 for Sport Relief.
We have been asked to run many of the events again and we are exploring how and when we can do that, but we hope to stage the next full blown Edgehill Games in 2016.  Hope you can join us. 
Thanks again for all your support.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Final awards at the after games party at Kineton Sports and Social Club 15th July 2012

We had a great evening to celebrate the end of the games at KSSC.  Going into the final day Kineton had a clear lead, but with around 12 medals to be won in the last events the competition for 2nd and 3rd was wide open.

With runners travelling from all over to compete, the results of the half marathon did not change the positions on the medals table.  However the competitors in the Children's Cycling challenge and the Fun Run were nearly all local and this took mad the final results far from certain.

At the start of the day Tysoe were lying in 4th place with 4 gold medals behind Radway in 3rd with 6 golds, Ratley in 2nd with 8 golds and Kineton comfortably in first place with 19 Golds.  Tysoe took Gold and Silver in a hard fought Children's cycling challenge and in the fun run they took Gold again in the under 10's category to take their haul to 6 Gold Medals.

The Full medals table can be seen on 
However, Radway hung on to their 3rd place position by virtue of the higher number of silver medals they had won.  

The final results were: 

First Place
Kineton.  The trophy was received by Chris Mills - Gold Medal winner in the raft race

Second Place
Ratley.  The trophy was received by Sue Backhouse and Owen Todd - Multiple Gold medal winners in the Battle of the clans and the Cyclo-sportive hill climb challenge

Third Place 

Radway.  The Trophy was received by Puffin Pocock - games organiser and competitor in several events

Well done to everyone that competed in the events and thank you to the huge team of people that helped to organise/marshal/referee/cater/support the events.

A big thank you to Pavilion for the music at the after games party, to Alan, Jane, Julian and Adrian for sorting out the bar and the BBQ and to KSSC for hosting us yet again!

We are currently sorting out the final finances for the games and hope to be able to publish the amount raised for sport relief shortly.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Re-posted as it disappeared from the blog :-)
Pony Games at the Radway Riding School, Monday 9th July 2012

At last! A competition that wasn’t weather dependant thanks to the indoor arena at Radway. As the competition hotted up, the roof rang to the sound of scores of eager riders having a go at the races set up by Maggie Boswell and her team. The challenges of the bending race, the sock in the bucket, the stepping stones and the ride and run tested the riders to their limit as they were cheered on by the appreciative crowd.
In all, 44 riders entered. Some were representing their villages, but many remained independent, which presented the organisers with an interesting challenge as regards the team medal position at the end of the evening! In fact the result we came up with on the night has had to be adjusted, so apologies to all concerned.
Couple with that the fact that some names are almost illegible on the entry sheet as the staff juggled score cards and course building with ponies and riders. Please excuse any strange spellings of names!

In the under 8s
Bending Race         
Gold, Hermione Walls from Kineton,
Silver Cameron Mahler from Ratley,
Bronze Ellie Underwood from Radway
Sock in a Bucket
Gold, Mikey McCauley from Ratley
Silver Cameron Mahler from Ratley,
Bronze Beth Kitchin
Stepping Stones
Gold Hermione Walls from Kineton,
Silver Olivia Elford from Ratley
Bronze Beth Kitchin
Ride and Run
Gold, Beth Kitchin
Silver Ellie Underwood from Radway
Bronze Eneko Kata
8 – 14s          
Bending Race         
Gold, Alice Hoyle from Kineton
Silver Emelia Fletcher
Bronze Katherine Lavery
Sock in a Bucket
Gold, Lindsay Jarvis from Ratley
Silver Mollie Perkins
Bronze Mollie Fletcher
Stepping Stones
Gold, Gemma Hotchkiss from Radway
Silver Cassie Senn from Radway
Bronze Katherine Lavery
Ride and Run
Gold, Ollie Walls from Kineton
Silver Emelia Fletcher
Bronze Lindsay Jarvis from Ratley

Over 14s
Bending Race         
Gold, Flora Zwolinski from Ratley
Silver Ruth Todd from Ratley
Bronze Celia Thomas from Kineton
Sock in a Bucket
Gold, Rebecca Crummett from Radway
Silver Sue Marshall from Kineton
Bronze  Shannon French
Stepping Stones
Gold, Rebecca Crummett from Radway
Silver Sue Marshall from Kineton
Bronze Flora Zwolinski from Ratley
Ride and Run
Gold, Rebecca Crummett from Radway
Silver Alison Riley from Ratley
Bronze Ruth Todd from Ratley

To determine the final position of the teams, scores for each race were awarded as follows:
1st place 4 points, 2nd place 3 points, 3rd place 2 points. This gave final team positions of
1st place to Ratley with 33 points
2nd place to Radway with 24 points
3rd place to Kineton 2
4th place to Kineton 1

Well done to everyone who took part, and a huge thank you to Maggie Boswell and the hard-working team at the Riding School for laying on such a great event. The barbecue in aid of the Air Ambulance was very welcome and sustained both riders and spectators as the evening went on. And we shouldn’t forget to thank the wonderful ponies who did their best for their riders and obviously enjoyed it as much as anyone!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Results of the Half Marathon, Fun Run and Cycling Challenge on Sunday 15th July at Compton Verney
For the second day running the weather was particularly good to us. Unusually for this summer it dry and warm enough so that the marshals and spectators could enjoy the event, but not too hot that it caused any problems for the runners in the half marathon.

Alongside the Half Marathon there were two other competitions for our younger athletes the Cycling Challenge and the Fun Run.  We don't have full details of all of all the winners below, so please email if we have got your details wrong/incomplete.
(More photo's will be added to this page as they are available).

Cycling challenge
This proved to be a big hit with people queuing up to take part.  The standard of the entries was high as our young competitors rode their bikes around the course as slowly as they could.

One family from Tysoe took the honours in this event with first and second place going to Luke & Candice Simmonds. 

The final results were:
Gold medalist, Luke Simmonds representing Tysoe
Silver Medalist, Candice Simmonds representing Tysoe
Bronze Medalist, Willow representing Kineton

Fun Run
People of all ages joined in the fun run around one of the big fields in Compton Verney.  The runners set off at a pace that would make Usain Bolt look as though he was standing still!  There was some confusion over the different medal categories, so in the end we just had 2 sets of medals to be won, the under 10's and the over 10's.

In the under 10's race Luke Simmonds showed his all round athletic ability by winning his second Gold medal of the day, Poppy Butler took the silver and Caleb Spriggs the bronze.  In the over 10's Mikey Redmile sprinted home to take the Gold, Emily Hutsby took the Silver and Tom Penson the Bronze.

The final Results were:
Under 10's
Gold Medalist, Luke Simmonds representing Tysoe
Silver Medalist, Poppy Butler
Bronze Medalist, Caleb Spriggs

Over 10's
Gold Medalist, Mikey Redmile representing Kineton
Silver Medalist, Emily Hustby
Bronze Medalist, Tom Penson representing Kineton

Half Marathon
With the good weather spectators were out in numbers to cheer the 130 runners on their way.  St Peter's Church in Kineton organised an open air service and extra water point to encourage the athletes as they negotiated the final few miles and the challenge of Pittern Hill - which after ten miles a number of us found an absolute killer! 

Over 130 runners finished the race with the first person home, Emerson Comstock, clocking a time of just 1 hour 17 minutes and 51 seconds.

We were fortunate to have both Local MP Jeremy Wright and the Chair of Stratford District Council, Neville Beemer, come along to close the games and to present the final medals to the competitors.

The Final Results were:
Men's event
Gold Medalist, Emerson Combstock
Silver Medalist, Iain Jennings
Bronze Medalist, Jonathon Ashley

Women's event
Gold Medalist, Kate Wright
Silver Medalist, Joanna Hartley
Bronze Medalist,  Heather Carson

There were also Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the winning men and women of the each of the age categories.  Simon Penson (Kineton) missed out by only 17 seconds on a Bronze Medal in the over 40's category. 

Women's 35-45 year old
Gold Medalist, Sheila Barbour
Silver Medalist, Hannah Carey
Bronze Medalist, Isobel Gillott

Men's 40-50 year old
Gold Medalist, Alan Barnes
Silver Medalist, Steve Green
Bronze Medalist, Cliff Richards

Women's 45-55 year old
Gold Medalist, Anne Easton
Silver Medalist, Kate Evans
Bronze Medalist,Sue Jewell

Men's 50-60 year old
Gold Medalist, Marc Scriven
Silver Medalist, Christopher McDonnell
Bronze Medalist, Clive Griffiths

Women's 55-65 year old
Gold Medalist, Lyn McDonnell

Men's 60-70 year old
Gold Medalist, Graham Williams
Silver Medalist, Philip Brennan

Women's 65+ year old
Gold Medalist, Marion Thorpe

Men's 70+
Gold Medalist, Graham Patton (in a time of 1 hour 32 mins and 32 seconds!)

Well done to everyone that took part in all the events on the day. A huge thank you to Threshold Events, Compton Verney for organising and hosting the event.  Also to all the marshals and games organizers that helped out in so many ways to make the event a success.  

Thanks also to all those that turned out at Compton Verney and throughout the route to support the runners, as one of them I can confirm just how much it helped to have that applause and encouragement.

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Results of the Countryside Triathlon at the Shotteswell FĂȘte July 14th 2012 

The rain held off and the sun shone briefly as Olympians from the surrounding area gathered at Shotteswell to contest some of the last medals of the Games.

The attractions at the FĂȘte included plants, books, cakes and tombolas, as well as a very tall man and a collie with a passion for herding ducks. However, the keenest competition was around the end of the field where wellies were wanged, skittles bowled and bales tossed with fervour.

The trick with the welly was all in the letting go. At times the stall holders would have been wise to wear protective gear as wellies flew through the air in all directions except the target.

The ancient wooden balls at the skittle alley were worn with age and were far from spherical, which all added to the unpredictability and the fun.

Bale pitchers were given coaching before the bar was raised and the bales soared into the air. Again the knack was in the flick of the wrist and the bending of the knees.

In the end, the honour of Shotteswell was well and truly upheld by the villagers. A clean sweep of the medals for both men and women was only averted by one brave player from Sibford Ferris. 

The final results were as follows:

Gold, Becky Shardlow from Shotteswell
Silver, Jonquil Sabin from Sibford Ferris
Bronze, Christina Nygaard from Shotteswell

Gold, Ewan Gill from Shotteswell
Silver, David Verinder from Shotteswell
Bronze, Alan Reilly from Shotteswell

As with all our events, thanks are due to everyone who took part, and especially to those who organised the Triathlon and made it happen on the day. Huge fun was had by all, and we wonder why there isn’t a Countryside Triathlon in the London Games.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Results of the Golfing Challenge at Warmington on the 30th June 2012

Thanks to the work of a great team of groundspeople the green at Warmington was transformed into a course to rival St Andrews.  Top golfers from around the world couldn't make it, but some keen golfers from the local area took on the challenge to see who would emerge as the Edgehill Games Champion.

The champions were decided by their combined scores across three disciplines

  • Putting
  • Chipping golf balls at a target
  • Chipping tennis balls at tyres – another sport to watch out for in future Olympics!

It was a close fought competition with each of the teams showing strengths in different areas.  Nick Gunn reached a record score on the chipping at the target which helped to secure him the individual Gold for the men, but great consistency across the team meant that Warmington brought home the team Gold.
The juniors present also had a go and all received a medal for their display of excellent golfing skills

The winners were:

Men’s Event
Gold Medal
Nick Gunn representing Kineton
Silver Medal
Jim Saxton representing Kineton
Bronze Medal
Graham Squires representing Warmington

Women’s Event
Gold Medal
Jennie Boyle representing Warmington
Silver Medal
Edwina Iwanek representing Kineton
Bronze Medal
Ann Saxton representing Kineton

Team Event
Gold Medal
Warmington (Jennie Boyle, Graham Squires, Chris Huggins and Tristan Bullworthy)
Silver medal
Kineton Men (Alan Woodall, Richard Iwanek, Nick Gunn & Jim Saxton)
Bronze Medal
Kineton Ladies plus 1 (Ann Saxton, Edwina Iwanek, Sheila Woodall & Barry Jackson)

Well done to everyone that took part and a huge thank you to Jennie Boyle for organising the event and to the referees who ably and fairly controlled the play at the different elements.  Thank you also to the groundspeople for their work in transforming the village green.